• 2012

  • "A conferência FailCon terá uma edição brasileira neste ano. O encontro vai ocorrer em Porto Alegre em 3 de abril."
    FailCon terá edição brasileira Por Filipe Serrano
  • "Na ocasião, os participantes irão compartilhar sua história, case ou abordar algum assunto no qual eles são especialistas, sempre voltado para os fracassos e as lições aprendidas com as perdas."
    Porto Alegre sedia FailCon Por Camila Freitas
  • 2011

  • "In Silicon Valley, failure has been democratized. You don’t need a lot of money to fail. Nor do you need any previous experience. Take, for example, Brian Wong and Roger Dickey."
    Keen On...Failure is the Ultimate Rebirth By Andrew Keen
  • "The willingness to fail is the key ingredient in success, billionaire investor Vinod Khosla told the audience at Failcon today."
    Vinod Khosla: Freedom to fail is key ingredient in success By Chikodi Chima
  • "In Silicon Valley failure is often seen as success as entrepreneurs learn from their mistakes and pivot their startups to try again and get it right."
    FailCon: Why you should celebrate failure By Hermione Way
  • "The most entertaining presentation at the recent FailCon conference in San Francisco came from Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, who spelled out the many hurdles he faced at his last company, the peer-to-peer content delivery provider Red Swoosh."
    Uber CEO on How He Failed and Lived to Tell the Tale By Liz Gannes
  • "Valley icon and VC Vinod Khosla followed, saying that this is the one conference he asks to speak at. 'I love to talk about failure,' he said, and began to break down how he embraces thinking about failure, and what it teaches."
    Vinod Khosla: Lessons from the fail By Rafe Needleman
  • "The conference aims to share hard-earned wisdom from business failures. They happen all the time, for all sorts of reasons, but in most quarters, people weep silently into their pillows."
    FailCon: You Can Fail. Just Don't be Stupid. By Rachael Myrow
  • "A Celebration of failure with speakers from such epic fails like MySpace and the search engine we all forgot about, Cuil."
  • "The old saying goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Fortunately, FailCon got it right on its first try. The one-day Silicon Valley conference is now in its third year and expanding globally."
    FailCon interview: Avoiding and learning from mistakes, successfully By Chris Jablonski
  • "In Silicon Valley, admitting you screwed up isn't just part of the culture. It's a conference. FailCon organizer Cassandra Phillips finds successful people and, like an AA meeting, gets them to talk about how they've failed."
    How I Screwed Up By Brian Caulfield
  • 2010

  • "Dreaming of success? Then study failure – because “oops” is the mantra of champions. That was the take-away from FailCon 2010, which brought almost 500 entrepreneurs to San Francisco’s Hotel Kabuki to share and compare lessons from the school of hard knocks."
    Failcon teaches entrepreneurs to flop to the top By Tom Abate
  • "On stage at FailCon today, Jay Adelson went over his storied career from Equinix to Digg. Adelson kept emphasizing the fact that he had no regrets despite Digg having failed to pin down acquisition offers from both Current and Google, while the news broke during the panel that Digg had just laid off 37% of its staff."
    Digg Founder Jay Adelson Is Okay With Not Selling Early, Even In Light Of Layoffs By Alexia Tsotsis
  • "Over the course of the day, I began to realize that there are so many ways to screw things up, it’s actually pretty amazing that anyone manages to pull it off. It makes you appreciate the miracle that is Silicon Valley."
    Learning how to fail the Silicon Valley way By Chris O'Brien
  • "I expected the FailCon conference today at San Francisco's Hotel Kabuki to be a sort of regret-fest; ex-CEOs of failed startups waxing on the do’s and don’ts for the Silicon Valley youth. I wasn’t entirely off in that expectation, though former Digg CEO Jay Adelson surprised me; he wasn’t one to lament over his missteps at his previous home."
    Former CEO Jay Adelson on His Life at (and the Death of) Digg By Mike Isaac
  • "The reason failure is so valuable is it gives you courage," Dyson said. "It's more terrifying if you haven't done it before. People who have been fired once aren't really afraid of being fired again."
    FailCon: How to fail gracefully with a startup By Dean Takahashi
  • "If you're just starting a company, FailCon is a great place to pick up cautionary tales, and learn from those who have already been there. If you’re looking for a snart, battle-tested company to invest in, this is the conference that doesn’t just spread sunshine – it tells you how it really is."
    FailCon – Because Things Don’t Always Work Out By Scott Budman for NBC Bay Area